We partner with boundless thinkers who believe in the universal potential of technology or simply just doing good.

Investment Focus

CGV founders have exceptional experience and access to an extensive network in the US and European Aerospace and Tech industries. We believe in doing what we are good at. Our primary focus is deep tech whether you are developing technology to conquer Mars, Moon or beyond or simply making technology or goods accessible across the globe. We place a strong emphasis on ESG (Environment, sustainability, Governance) in every business we partner with.


  • Missions to reach between Earth, Moon and Mars
  • Top-level consulting

Energy & Mobility

  • Energy transition and decarbonization
  • Electrification of everything possible
  • Consulting carbon-neutral missions

Industry & Work

  • IT services and Product Development
  • Robotic Automation

Women Businesses

  • Women & Minority Own Businesses

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.